TED Talk: life
changing experience

In 2009, he gave his famous speech at TED conference: ‘Can Good Design Save Newspapers.’ This video hit almost 1,5 million views. As you enter the stage after Al Gore and Bill Gates, you feel an immense pressure. But, as soon as Steve Wozniak of Apple congratulates you, you know it was worthwhile. After all, you stand next to two Google owners and with them around, it is hard not to feel like the world is your oyster.

My TED Talk views : 1,5 mln

Utko has given lectures
in 42 countries

Visited all continents: practically every country in Europe, in Asia, including Japan, Hongkong, Singapore, India, Indonesia. Even some African and Latin American conferences. A number of speeches across the United States, like in New York City, at Adobe Max in Los Angeles, or at the Atlanta Museum of Art


I was speaking at conferences about design and media and gave lectures in several universities

INFORM Sydney 2017 speech

My talks and lectures

Long Beach, USA

London, UK

AOP Digital Publishing Summit
London, UK

Tokyo University of Technology

International Festival of Journalism
Perugia, Italy

Society for News Design Annual Conference
Orlando, USA

Creators Conference
Brussels, Belgium

By Design
Bratislava, Slovakia

INIT De Persgroep
Amsterdam, The Nederlands

Arab Free Press Forum by WAN
Tunis, Tunisia

Konferencja Kroje
Warsaw, Poland

Ringier Axel Springer
Prague, Czech Republic

KP Morgan Commercial Excellence in Pharma
Barcelona, Spain

Adobe Max
Los Angeles, USA

Publish Asia & IFRA Expo
Chennai, India

Modern Atlanta, Museum of Modern Art Atlanta

Newspark Newspaper Museum
Yokohama, Japan

Arab Media Forum
Dubai, UAE

Society for News Design Scandinavia
Oslo, Norway

Financieele Dagblad
Amsterdam, The Nederlands

PANPA Future Forum
Sydney, AustraliaI

Creator’s  Summit by Adobe
Tokyo, Japan

National Coverday
Utrecht, Netherlands

Creative Printing
Vienna, Austria

Polish Patent Office
Warsaw, Poland

Polish Patent Office
Warsaw, Poland

Typo Berlin

World Newspapers Congress World Editors Forum by WAN-IFRA
Kiev, Ukraine

Stockholm, Sweden

Temple University
Tokyo, Japan

Asia Pacific Media Forum
Bali, Indonesia

Society for News Design Scandinavia
Stockholm, Sweden

INIT Amsterdam, Digital Storytelling
Amsterdam, The Nederlands

Kyoorius Designyatra
Goa, India

Asian Bureau of Circulation
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

European Business Press Forum
Copenhagen, Denmark

Print +
Munich, Germany

Lonely Planet
Melbourne, Australia

Publish Asia by WAN-IFRA
Hong Kong

Icograda Spring
Vilnius, Lithuania

MeMe Design School
Tokyo, Japan

El Comercio Annual Summit
Lima, Peru

Inform 2017 Conference
Sydney, Australia

Society for News Design Europe
Amsterdam, The Nederlands

Power To Designers
Warsaw, Poland

Art Academy
Prague, Czech Republic

Teamspeak Media 24
Cape Town, South Africa

Reset Rethink Recreate
Istanbul, Turkey

Swiss Newspapers Conference
Interlaken, Switzerland

Myllykoski Summit
Munich, Germany


What our clients say
about our studio.

The awards won

by Jacek

After the redesign process, my work on newspaper, magazine, or website designs frequently wins significant awards. Numerous publications win prizes repeatedly.

100 awards in international design competitions

5 World’s Best Newspaper Awards

3 awards Cover Of The Year

4 European Newspaper of The Year Awards


number of countries
I was speaking in


Universities were
helding my lectures

I was speaking at

My favourite conferences

  • Stephanie Lawrence
    CEO, Colabrio Media

    Stephanie is a creative artist and founding partner, providing smart & flexible digital services.

  • Colin Lucido
    CEO, Colabrio Media

    Alex is a creative artist and founding partner, providing smart & flexible digital services.

  • Stacey Stamper
    Network Partner, Colabrio Media

    Stacey is a creative artist and founding partner, providing smart & flexible digital services.


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I visited all continents with my talks and lectures: almost every country in Europe, many in Asia, and some in Africa and Latin America. Multiple events in US and Canada.