Utko gets recognition in top international media

After his TED Talk in 2009 entitled “Can Good Design Save Newspapers?” several leading media from various countries covered the topic. 


New York Times

In an article from The New York Times, Utko was described as one of the “highlights” of the TED conference, with his ideas receiving praise from attendees. Overall, Utko’s ideas about the role of design in saving the newspaper industry were well-received and continue to be relevant as traditional print media struggles to adapt to the changing media landscape.

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Other media

Several other media in various countries were writing about Utko, regarding his TED talk, other conferences, awards or specific projects he was working on. The list of publications include: Gazeta Wyborcza, Slanted, Khaleej Times, Press, Puls Biznesu, Het Parool, De Morgen, FD, Axis, Activist and more


Fast company

According to a Fast Company article, Utko believed that newspapers needed to focus on creating a “sensational” reading experience in order to stay relevant in the digital age. This could be achieved through the use of high-quality graphics, typography, and layout, which would help to draw readers in and keep them engaged.



Utko’s talk also received coverage in Bloomberg, where he was described as a “Polish designer” who had outlined a way for newspapers to “win on quality.”

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