My design named World’s Best Designed Newspaper 2017

HET PAROOL – last night named WORLD’S BEST DESIGNED NEWSPAPER during SND gala in Charlotte, USA.

The newspaper has two parts: newsy one in front and more magazine section (called PS) at the back, which creates interesting contrast and rhythm. I redesigned the paper in 2016. I worked with a great team of designers and editors. Time to celebrate and drink Champagne in Amsterdam! And the biggest satisfaction comes from the fact that despite having quite small team in the very finals we bit the giants like New York Times, Guardian, Politiken, Washington Post…

I also have to say few words about the publishing house – die Persgroep. I was doing consultancy for them for last few years. First De Morgen in Belgium got World’s Best Designed Award right after redesign, and now Het Parool. The biggest awards you can get in press design world. It’s also a consequence of the brave strategy of the company. Company that values design so much, and is not affraid of big changes. Unlike many other publishers that only wait for print to die. It’s quite rare that consultant like me comes to a company and gets a chance to win such big awards one by one, year by year, title by title…

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