Newspaper of The Year: De Morgen did it again!

24th European Newspaper Awards is the biggest design competition for media in Europe. Important awards go to some of my 3 redesign clients:

The main award, Newspaper of The Year, goes to De Morgen, the main award goes again for a newspaper in Belgium that I redesigned a few years ago!!! This paper was already named both European Newspaper of The Year and World’s Best Designed Newspaper. Big honor.

12 awards for the pages design goes to Gazeta Wyborcza from Poland. I redesign the newspaper some years ago and it receives awards in this competition year by year.

Special recognition for Het Financieele Dagblad, a financial newspaper from Amsterdam, Holland. I redesigned it a few years ago but the award was for a section made after I left the client. This paper also was named Newspaper of The Year before in this competition.

Looks like my clients receive multiple awards after they work with me and allow me to redefine their products. It is almost 100% certainty that the design will be recognised, some of the awards are the biggest achievements you can receive in our industry


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